About Our Founders

David and Gary of authentic marche Ciao! We are David & Gary – an English & Italian building restorer and interior designer and we love Le Marche so much that we moved here from the UK in the spring of 2016.
We have founded a property renovation business, D&G Design, and restore holiday and vacation homes for buyers (as well as our own home).

Through our work, we have discovered and formed close relationships with the numerous artisans in the region, all of whom are skilled craftspeople who create amazing works of art – by hand.

Combined with the magnificent Italian architecture scattered throughout Le Marche, alongside the slow-paced way of life and delicious, natural food, when we first came here we were surprised that Le Marche was one of Italy’s lesser-known regions.

When two large earthquakes hit central Italy in the summer and autumn of 2016, we were sad to see a downturn in tourism, which led to many local people moving to larger cities in other parts of the country to find work. Many of the charming, medieval hilltop towns of Le Marche are turning into ghost towns, with repairs still yet to be carried out, and residents living elsewhere.

This has affected the arts and culture of the region – skilled artisans are forced to find alternative industries to work in.

This is why we formed Authentic Marche – a not for profit that aims to showcase the amazing talents of generations of artisans and bring life back to the tiny towns that are rich in culture and history.

We have opened our own sculpture workshop in the town of Force – a medieval walled town that offers views of rolling hills, fantastic landscapes that stretch all the way out to sea – combined with the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

In addition to this, we run cultural trips through D&G Design, and donate all of our profits to Authentic Marche, and it is our hope to showcase the talents and skills unique to the region and keep the arts alive.

Please help us support the artisans of Le Marche by visiting us, either through one of our trips or a class in our workshop. We are happy to show anyone who visits some of our favourite places, and introduce you to artists with such skill that it will take your breath away!